Abecedarian: New Things

Abecedarian – ab • be • ce • dar • i • an
noun; a person who is just learning; a novice

When I was 7, I realized I spent a lot of time in my head, probably more than others. Day-dreaming, thinking, planning, time-managing, analyzing, overanalyzing… the party in my head goes on and on. This “party in my head” never really slowed down growing up– if anything, it sped up as life became more complex and busy. Of course, being a university student, my life gets really busy, and that means, my brain is in a constant overdrive of thinking, thinking, and thinking. It’s fun, no really! (75% of the time, it’s not)

So what even is this blog? I think when I was around 12 I tried to start one, except I was a pretty unexciting 12-year-old who wasn’t into writing at the time. To be fair, I’m still really not (as I write this, I’m supposed to be working on my art history paper… but… oh well). But now, I’m a somewhat-but-not-totally-unexciting 18 year old with a lot on my mind, so why not write it out, and even share it with the virtual world? (I love my generation)

I don’t know if this blog is going to have just one theme or one style of writing, or one subject in particular. Instead, it’ll probably be a bunch of things. History. Art. Observations of Vancouver, observations of Winnipeg (although, there’s really nothing to observe there). Average day of an 18-year-old UBC student. Friendships. Relationships. Personal interests and curiosities. Giving my mind a place to vomit out all the things it thinks about. I’m new to this, so bear with me.

So, to start off: hi. I’m Tiana, and welcome to my blog.


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