100 Good Things.

Here’s 100 good things in life off the top of my head. There’s an endless amount of good in the world.

  1. Love.
  2. The feeling where everything seems to come together.
  3. Laughing so hard you cry and feel abs form.
  4. Family and friends.
  5. Travelling to a place you’ve wanted to go to for a long time.
  6. Getting a great mark on a paper/assignment.
  7. Painting.
  8. Sculpting.
  9. Drawing.
  10. Art.
  11. Music.
  12. Pizza.
  13. Trying new foods (and not having a bad reaction to it!)
  14. Dancing until your feet hurt.
  15. New make up.
  16. New clothes.
  17. When you love every song on an album.
  18. A much-needed hug from a certain person.
  19. Finding money in old clothes.
  20. Learning a new skill.
  21. Successfully riding your skateboard down the street for the first time.
  22. Mountains.
  23. Forests.
  24. Beaches.
  25. The first snowfall.
  26. The first hot day after a long, cold winter.
  27. 90s/2000s RnB.
  28. Small parties.
  29. Fuzzy socks.
  30. Shopping sprees.
  31. Comfy, worn-in sweaters.
  32. Singing.
  33. Dogs!
  34. Cats!
  35. Guinea pigs.
  36. Bunnies.
  37. In particular, corgi dogs.
  38. And golden retrievers.
  39. A new lipstick.
  40. First drive in a new car.
  41. Vacations.
  42. Cruising.
  43. Concerts.
  44. When the fair comes into town.
  45. Breakfast.
  46. Waffles, especially.
  47. Learning a new language.
  48. Really good professors and teachers.
  49. Watching your friends become successful.
  50. Being successful.
  51. Photos. Digital or hardcopy.
  52. Art galleries and museums.
  53. Cultures.
  54. Rapping to a song perfectly.
  55. Catching up with old friends and acquaintances.
  56. Flowers.
  57. Birds.
  58. The ocean.
  59. Flying.
  60. Boating.
  61. Rockets, and watching human mechanical ingenuity.
  62. Children’s drawings and their silly antics.
  63. Good wine.
  64. Cheese!
  65. Phone calls.
  66. Thunderstorms.
  67. Rain.
  68. Christmas.
  69. Halloween.
  70. New Years.
  71. Hot chocolate.
  72. Road trips.
  73. Smiling.
  74. Happy eyes.
  75. Giving gifts.
  76. Receiving gifts.
  77. The colours of fall.
  78. Summer dresses.
  79. Dancing with your mom.
  80. Joking around with your dad.
  81. Brunch with your grandparents.
  82. Clichés.
  83. Stars.
  84. Musicals.
  85. Manatees.
  86. Getting a good sleep.
  87. Sunrise.
  88. Sunset.
  89. The moon, and all her phases.
  90. Walks in the park.
  91. Kissing.
  92. Sex.
  93. Holding hands.
  94. Ducks.
  95. Hot dogs.
  96. Finding your home.
  97. Confidence.
  98. Festivals.
  99. Meeting new people.
  100. Being 100% you.

Keep the list going if you have anymore to add!


Clean Slate

Do you ever wish you can just have a clean slate for certain things? Like, do you ever screw up so badly at something that you wish you could just rewind time and redo. Do you just ever wish you have an “undo” button for life?

I mean, of course we can’t have an undo button on life. The best stories from our lives come from pushing through all our screw-ups. The stories we have later on reflect our strengths, even our weaknesses, and the things that keep us going.

Although not as drastic, I wish I had an undo button about this blog. In March, my original ideas about what my blog was going to be about were great, but I feel I started messing up and losing the ideas. Since life gets hectic and busy, I didn’t even keep up and maintain my blog either. But I don’t want to delete my old posts, because they may show the gradual transformation from planned, well thought out posts to in the spur-of-the-moment mind-vomit posts that will be coming in the future. Writing exactly what’s on my mind when needed, thoughts that I believe should be shared with the world. Even if they’re dorky and only one sentence. Just have to get them out of my mind.

I may not write every day, but I will write.

So here’s my clean slate.

Where’s the Destination for Destiny?

Destiny: des • ti • ny
Noun; the events that will necessarily happen to a person or thing in the future.


IMG_3995.JPGRecently, my parents gifted me with charcoal. Here’s my first charcoal piece– a carnation flower.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something on here, hahaha.

Right after my final exams, I started working as a bartender in a country bar in Manitoba, and 12 hour shifts really exhaust you, so any free time I did have, I spent either sleeping or drawing (and watching Grey’s Anatomy which is so so good omg). However, since starting work, I’ve been thinking more and more about life pathways, and how little direction I’m having in my own life.

I’ve been looking at the world around me, wondering what I should do in life. I feel as if I don’t really have any skills or a niche that suits a career, like others do. Most of my life, I’ve felt untalented, one of those “jack-of-all-trades” that doesn’t really have a set of skills, or a prodigious talent. I know others around me have felt like that too. These kinds of thoughts leave a lot of us thinking we don’t have anywhere we quite belong.

On the other hand, I feel as if there’s too many careers or lifestyles that I want to try and live. I want to be an artist. A historian. An architect. A researcher. There’s endless possibilities that my decisions can take me too. Who knows? Maybe I can be all four of those careers at once.

Maybe we don’t know what we’ll be doing with our lives right when we want to know. I don’t think you ever get the answers right at the moment you want them. Fate doesn’t like to play games in such a way. Every person finds out at some point– some people find out early in their lives, some find their destinies late in their lifetimes. We’ll get the answers someday. Today just might be your someday.


IMG_3998.JPGHere’s a skull piece I did using charcoal as well.

PS: I recently made an Instagram account for my artworks. Mostly sketches and charcoal pieces right now, but I’ve also gotten into sculpture and sculpting small figurines so those may come up soon as well. You can follow my art account at: @artworkstuffs.


Welcome Home

Noun; the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.
Adjective; relating to the place where one lives.

IMG_3960.JPG(A second magnolia flower I’ve done– symbolizing femininity and purity)

That amazing moment when you finish your exams, which also means: summer! Finishing the end of the school year! Freedom! Parties! Friends! Livin’ it up!! Time for art!!

Kidding. I’ll be working. Full time. Which isn’t too bad when you think about it, considering I’ll have some financial security in the fall. I mean, sure, parties and friends are fun too an it’s likely I may do a few things related to that, but I’m also okay with working to help pay off rent in the next year. Most importantly, I’ll also be able to make time to do art things, sculpting and sketching in particular. However, I’m just sorta sad that I’m in Winnipeg, MB for the summer (4 months, to be exact).

Okay despite the fact that Winnipeg is my birthplace, I just hate it. Everyone likes to tell me that Winnipeg is my home because I was born and partly raised there, but just because you’re born somewhere doesn’t necessarily make it home! To me, Vancouver has become my home; I love all the things about it, and I feel like Vancouver makes me more optimistic, and I’m often in happier moods. Even though a lot of people’s moods are disrupted by the gloom and rainy days of Vancouver, I’d still take that over -45 degrees Celsius. I’m pretty crabby in that kind of weather.

Yet another part of me wonders if Vancouver is truly my home. Maybe I have multiple, different kinds of homes. Ones that I haven’t been to yet, past homes from previous experiences. Maybe when I was a little five year old, Winnipeg was my home to me because it was all I really knew. Burnaby, BC became my home when I moved there when I was eight, having never wanted to leave. At one point in time, I lived in Calgary, AB, but have never truly considered that a home but rather a temporary placement. Who knows, maybe London, Paris, Florence or even Lima may be the place I call home sometime in my life. Maybe, home isn’t necessarily a physical place, but a person, suggested in the teen romance novel, Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins (a great read if you’re a total sucker for little romance novels). Maybe it’s your mom, dad, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, grandpa, grandma, brother or sister.

Either way, I hope this summer, even the rest of this year, you may find your home. Be it Edinburgh, Scotland or your best friend down the road, I hope you find it. I hope the summer of 2017 is also something memorable, filled with joy and bouts of creativity.


Magnolia meaning:

Seeking Lao Tong

Lao Tong (Mandarin)
Lit; “old same”; a form of eternal friendship between “heart sisters” – two women who are closer than husband and wife.

IMG_3933.JPG(A peony– they signify honour, beauty, wealth and riches, romance, and much more)

I’ve always wanted that tight-knit group of friends. You know, like in the movies? They’re your absolute best friends, and you couldn’t imagine your life without them; think How I Met Your Mother or Friends. I feel like we all want that, and some of us are even lucky enough to have such a group of people in their lives. We all want that group where unbelievable memories and stories spark from. The kind of group that quickly becomes a home to you.

I came to UBC all by myself. Having lived in Burnaby for 6 years as a kid meant that I did know of a handful of people coming to UBC, and a few others in different colleges, but the distance and the amount of time I was gone meant that I wasn’t as close anymore. Nothing bad, just that drifting occurred. It hurt a bit, seeing people in their own, isolated groups from high school or other backgrounds. Sometimes they’re nice and let you in, other times you’re just an outsider, trying to look in. Or the worst: being that third wheel, the one that’s forgotten, the one that’s not as close as the others.

During high school I thought I had been part of a tight-knit group, or the makings of one. Until, of course, drama would occur, or the endless girl-bashing and just repeated conversations over and over again. Not all of it was bad; we were all going into different paths, leading to different futures that likely meant leaving Winnipeg or staying. So needless to say, that group probably wasn’t going to make it (most of them don’t actually talk to each other now). After leaving them and going to Vancouver, you truly see who you’re actually friends with, and who you were only friends with because you saw them everyday of every week from September to June.

Personally, I always thought making friends was a tad difficult. You’re never sure of everything, and in university, some people are only there for school and work, nothing else. Sometimes, those people just use you for homework, which hurts. Other times, it can be hard to find people you just vibe with; the campus is so large here that you meet all different kinds of people, and it may take a while to find out who you truly connect with. But it’s bound to happen; maybe not in university, but sometime later in life, you’ll likely find people that make you realize life would be dull without them.

So far, I’ve learned that it’s definitely something you can’t hunt down. You can’t really make this a quest, you know? Kind of like love, it just happens. You just get out there, maybe you join a couple of clubs or something, and out of nowhere, your life is altered in a different way (without regrets, of course). All I can say is to get out there, do stuff, go to places. You might meet new people, you might not, you might just be alone for a little longer. However, like everything else in life, it’s worth giving it a shot! Have a good day 🙂

Meanings for a peony flower can be found here:

To Temul is To Live

Temul (Mongolian): te • mul 
Verb; signifies a sense of creativity and passion– to rush headlong, to be inspired, to have creative thoughts, and even take a flight of fancy.

(Lisianthus flower– expressing gratitude from a friend, traditional values, and lifelong bonds)

I always think the process, or the journey, is often more fun than the destination or the final project. The act of making something is more interesting to me. The journey of creating something truly shows someones creative spirit, and often shows their passion. When someone’s fabricating something, you can see parts of their soul coming out and into the open.

Of course, the final project is important, and is often the best part. Especially when it comes to art, you can proudly say, “hey! This was in my head! Now it’s tangible!!” and that’s pretty awesome. But there’s something about the process of creating something that’s magical to me. You literally see something in your mind, come to life. With sculpting, if you’re sculpting a person especially, it’s as if you’re giving birth… without having to deal with the excruciating pain or blood and all that (still a natural and beautiful process, but I’m a bit of a queasy person).

Art is just so cool. I’m forever grateful that humans formed the cognitive ability roughly 160’000 years ago to take the abstract and make it real. Looking at the murals in Lascaux Caves, France, astounds me, and I often wonder what our ancestors would think of our art now; not only do we sculpt and paint still, but manage to create digital forms of our thoughts. Art is inspiring, and I love how something as simple as a painting sends waves of emotions through us; sometimes empowering, sometimes anger, sometimes joy, even sadness.

I just have so much love for art. Art gives me a lot of feelings, haha. I hope something gives you fuel to create today; I hope something or someone inspires your creative vessel and sends you on a headstrong mission to pour out your soul. Have a great, and creative, day! 🙂


Lisianthus flower meaning:


The Bliss After an Exam

Noun; perfect happiness; great joy. 

IMG_3923.JPG(A gardenia flower– symbolizing trust, hope, clarity, purity, and much more)


I mean, I still have three more final exams to go, but finishing off my geomorphology and landscape processes course? An inexplicable feeling of profound joy. After having done three midterms for it, studying for five days until 1AM all for a cumulative exam, I’m really happy that it’s now done and over with!!

I mean, I haven’t eaten a proper dinner in days, and my physical health probably isn’t the absolute best right now; plus, I think my vision is getting even worse than it already is… but I no longer have to take another geomorphology course!

Next week I have two back-to-back midterms– art history and biogeography –but for now, I’m going to relish in a couple hours of blissful sketching and just enjoy the fact that I’m not having to reread about volcanism or answer another blot of 200 practice review questions.

Perpetual good luck to those still fighting with finals; push through! Have a great day 🙂

Find out more about the meaning of gardenia flowers: