Rastrophiliopustrocity Vibes

Rastrophiliopustrocity: rastro•phili•opus•tro•city
Noun; a spontaneous combustion of creative spark that is followed by action in order to manifest and bring into existence

Pretty much all the artwork I’ve ever done was under the influence of rastrophiliopustrocity. I always found it difficult to do art under demands, and found myself at ease when I was allowed to freely express myself through paints/clay/sketch, etc. Now, after a three year hiatus from art, I find it hard to even follow a path, even if it’s me telling myself to draw a certain thing. Lately, I learned to just tell myself “okay just do your thing.” It’s worked. I feel like letting your mind run free with a pencil or computer or paintbrush in hand unveils parts of your soul you didn’t even know you have. Except when you’re drunk, because who the hell knows what’s going to come out at that point.


(A wildflower I sketched; practice takes a lot of time haha)

So UBC has this confessions page, where you can anonymously post, well confessions, about anything and everything (literally, everything. There was a post about a girl and a cucumber and… you get where I’m going here). Recently, there’s been faculty-feuds, rivalries about which faculty is better; the Sauder business school is full of useless snakes, engineering faculty is full of dead, tired people but they’re better than everyone else, science trumps all, and arts is terrible and useless who cares about arts! Art has no purpose! I mean, of course, as an art student who came from engineering, I was a bit ticked.

In my anthropological archaeology class, we’ve been learning about how humanity– specifically Homo sapiens– came to be. From literally 7 million years ago (Sahelanthropus tchadensis) to Mespotamia and the ancient societies of Mesoamerica. It’s super thrilling to learn about, and it’s a real eye opener. I’ve learned that bipedalism is the marker for what sets us apart from the apes (not tools, not really our large braincase either). But also, what really defines humanity is our culture; our intense need to make our abstract thoughts tangible. Culture, philosophy, illustrations… art is what helps to define our humanity.

Engineers, scientists, mathematicians, masonry, hairstylists, models, photographers, architects, historians, chemists, doctors, fashion designers… they’re all artists. They all create art, just with different forms and interpretations. Art isn’t useless– art is what makes us, humans, so unique. We have this awesome power to create things unimaginable– from Michelangelo’s Pietà to self-driving cars; Gericault’s The Raft of the Medusa to the Burj Khalifa.

The arts aren’t useless- we just have different ways of maintaining humanity, concreting our identity in the world and the future. When mixed with other occupations, unbelievable things occur. Remember, at one point in time, artisans and engineers were in the same social stratification. History repeats itself, so maybe one day, it’ll happen again. Who knows.

Cheers 🙂
(I actually wrote this under the influence of rastrophiliopustrocity, heh)


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