100 Good Things.

Here’s 100 good things in life off the top of my head. There’s an endless amount of good in the world.

  1. Love.
  2. The feeling where everything seems to come together.
  3. Laughing so hard you cry and feel abs form.
  4. Family and friends.
  5. Travelling to a place you’ve wanted to go to for a long time.
  6. Getting a great mark on a paper/assignment.
  7. Painting.
  8. Sculpting.
  9. Drawing.
  10. Art.
  11. Music.
  12. Pizza.
  13. Trying new foods (and not having a bad reaction to it!)
  14. Dancing until your feet hurt.
  15. New make up.
  16. New clothes.
  17. When you love every song on an album.
  18. A much-needed hug from a certain person.
  19. Finding money in old clothes.
  20. Learning a new skill.
  21. Successfully riding your skateboard down the street for the first time.
  22. Mountains.
  23. Forests.
  24. Beaches.
  25. The first snowfall.
  26. The first hot day after a long, cold winter.
  27. 90s/2000s RnB.
  28. Small parties.
  29. Fuzzy socks.
  30. Shopping sprees.
  31. Comfy, worn-in sweaters.
  32. Singing.
  33. Dogs!
  34. Cats!
  35. Guinea pigs.
  36. Bunnies.
  37. In particular, corgi dogs.
  38. And golden retrievers.
  39. A new lipstick.
  40. First drive in a new car.
  41. Vacations.
  42. Cruising.
  43. Concerts.
  44. When the fair comes into town.
  45. Breakfast.
  46. Waffles, especially.
  47. Learning a new language.
  48. Really good professors and teachers.
  49. Watching your friends become successful.
  50. Being successful.
  51. Photos. Digital or hardcopy.
  52. Art galleries and museums.
  53. Cultures.
  54. Rapping to a song perfectly.
  55. Catching up with old friends and acquaintances.
  56. Flowers.
  57. Birds.
  58. The ocean.
  59. Flying.
  60. Boating.
  61. Rockets, and watching human mechanical ingenuity.
  62. Children’s drawings and their silly antics.
  63. Good wine.
  64. Cheese!
  65. Phone calls.
  66. Thunderstorms.
  67. Rain.
  68. Christmas.
  69. Halloween.
  70. New Years.
  71. Hot chocolate.
  72. Road trips.
  73. Smiling.
  74. Happy eyes.
  75. Giving gifts.
  76. Receiving gifts.
  77. The colours of fall.
  78. Summer dresses.
  79. Dancing with your mom.
  80. Joking around with your dad.
  81. Brunch with your grandparents.
  82. Clichés.
  83. Stars.
  84. Musicals.
  85. Manatees.
  86. Getting a good sleep.
  87. Sunrise.
  88. Sunset.
  89. The moon, and all her phases.
  90. Walks in the park.
  91. Kissing.
  92. Sex.
  93. Holding hands.
  94. Ducks.
  95. Hot dogs.
  96. Finding your home.
  97. Confidence.
  98. Festivals.
  99. Meeting new people.
  100. Being 100% you.

Keep the list going if you have anymore to add!


Clean Slate

Do you ever wish you can just have a clean slate for certain things? Like, do you ever screw up so badly at something that you wish you could just rewind time and redo. Do you just ever wish you have an “undo” button for life?

I mean, of course we can’t have an undo button on life. The best stories from our lives come from pushing through all our screw-ups. The stories we have later on reflect our strengths, even our weaknesses, and the things that keep us going.

Although not as drastic, I wish I had an undo button about this blog. In March, my original ideas about what my blog was going to be about were great, but I feel I started messing up and losing the ideas. Since life gets hectic and busy, I didn’t even keep up and maintain my blog either. But I don’t want to delete my old posts, because they may show the gradual transformation from planned, well thought out posts to in the spur-of-the-moment mind-vomit posts that will be coming in the future. Writing exactly what’s on my mind when needed, thoughts that I believe should be shared with the world. Even if they’re dorky and only one sentence. Just have to get them out of my mind.

I may not write every day, but I will write.

So here’s my clean slate.