Where’s the Destination for Destiny?

Destiny: des • ti • ny
Noun; the events that will necessarily happen to a person or thing in the future.


IMG_3995.JPGRecently, my parents gifted me with charcoal. Here’s my first charcoal piece– a carnation flower.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something on here, hahaha.

Right after my final exams, I started working as a bartender in a country bar in Manitoba, and 12 hour shifts really exhaust you, so any free time I did have, I spent either sleeping or drawing (and watching Grey’s Anatomy which is so so good omg). However, since starting work, I’ve been thinking more and more about life pathways, and how little direction I’m having in my own life.

I’ve been looking at the world around me, wondering what I should do in life. I feel as if I don’t really have any skills or a niche that suits a career, like others do. Most of my life, I’ve felt untalented, one of those “jack-of-all-trades” that doesn’t really have a set of skills, or a prodigious talent. I know others around me have felt like that too. These kinds of thoughts leave a lot of us thinking we don’t have anywhere we quite belong.

On the other hand, I feel as if there’s too many careers or lifestyles that I want to try and live. I want to be an artist. A historian. An architect. A researcher. There’s endless possibilities that my decisions can take me too. Who knows? Maybe I can be all four of those careers at once.

Maybe we don’t know what we’ll be doing with our lives right when we want to know. I don’t think you ever get the answers right at the moment you want them. Fate doesn’t like to play games in such a way. Every person finds out at some point– some people find out early in their lives, some find their destinies late in their lifetimes. We’ll get the answers someday. Today just might be your someday.


IMG_3998.JPGHere’s a skull piece I did using charcoal as well.

PS: I recently made an Instagram account for my artworks. Mostly sketches and charcoal pieces right now, but I’ve also gotten into sculpture and sculpting small figurines so those may come up soon as well. You can follow my art account at: @artworkstuffs.



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