To Temul is To Live

Temul (Mongolian): te • mul 
Verb; signifies a sense of creativity and passion– to rush headlong, to be inspired, to have creative thoughts, and even take a flight of fancy.

(Lisianthus flower– expressing gratitude from a friend, traditional values, and lifelong bonds)

I always think the process, or the journey, is often more fun than the destination or the final project. The act of making something is more interesting to me. The journey of creating something truly shows someones creative spirit, and often shows their passion. When someone’s fabricating something, you can see parts of their soul coming out and into the open.

Of course, the final project is important, and is often the best part. Especially when it comes to art, you can proudly say, “hey! This was in my head! Now it’s tangible!!” and that’s pretty awesome. But there’s something about the process of creating something that’s magical to me. You literally see something in your mind, come to life. With sculpting, if you’re sculpting a person especially, it’s as if you’re giving birth… without having to deal with the excruciating pain or blood and all that (still a natural and beautiful process, but I’m a bit of a queasy person).

Art is just so cool. I’m forever grateful that humans formed the cognitive ability roughly 160’000 years ago to take the abstract and make it real. Looking at the murals in Lascaux Caves, France, astounds me, and I often wonder what our ancestors would think of our art now; not only do we sculpt and paint still, but manage to create digital forms of our thoughts. Art is inspiring, and I love how something as simple as a painting sends waves of emotions through us; sometimes empowering, sometimes anger, sometimes joy, even sadness.

I just have so much love for art. Art gives me a lot of feelings, haha. I hope something gives you fuel to create today; I hope something or someone inspires your creative vessel and sends you on a headstrong mission to pour out your soul. Have a great, and creative, day! 🙂


Lisianthus flower meaning:



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