Our Querencia

Querencia: que • ren • cia
Noun; a place from which one’s strength is drawn, where one feels at home; the place where you are your most authentic self.

IMG_3904.JPG(Study for finals? Nah. Camellia flower– symbolizing refinement, desire, and perfection)

I feel like we all have different versions of ourselves that we use in our everyday life. We’re the nice and responsible version of ourselves at work, school or around professionals. The goofy, chilled out, and loose version of ourself around our friends. Affectionate and loving self to our significant others. Some of us might even have those versions of our selves that we hope to be; they have their life together, actually go out and exercise, and are not sketching the evening away instead of studying for upcoming finals…

It’s sometimes hard being able to find those times where you can truly be authentic. I mean sure, we tell everyone that this is the real you and all that, but when it comes down to it, people act differently among other groups. Not in a bad way necessarily, but it’s just a normal thing; you don’t always act the exact same way you do with your significant other than with your grandparents. I find myself always trying to be authentic in every situation I’m in, no matter who is there, but sometimes you just have to make adjustments.

But sketching, doing any sort of art really, that’s where I’m most authentic. That’s where I feel most real, most like myself. I could do art for hours and truly hope it never ends. I mean, every situation does of course, but there’s this sensation that I hope doesn’t end. I remember I was doing a wax/paint work and was sitting cross-legged for (apparently) 6 hours. I didn’t even realize it until I tried to get up to eat; my legs were numb. But you get into such a mindset where you’re so focused but relaxed at the same time. I feel most happiest, pure, and natural in that state. Although my body might be tired, I feel stronger, like I can conquer whatever I want after finishing a work. Things are content when I just pick up a paintbrush or pencil. Doing art brings me a feeling of home, even if I’m away from my physical one. A mental home, I suppose.

Perhaps, though, these different versions we all have are just part of our authentic self. The real you. All these different selves are what make each and every one of us up. The one where we feel most at home with, our querencia, just so happens to be that one that takes us into a mental state of happiness, and where we can feel our strongest. Be authentic, because not everyone in the world is. Carve your own path, and just keep on being you. I hope you’ll get to embrace your most authentic self today, and hope that you have a great day 😀 cheers!!


Camellia flower meaning:



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