Writing About Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block: write• ters • block
Phrase; condition in which an author loses the ability to produce new work, or experiences a creative slowdown.

IMG_3883.JPG(Apparently, I can still attempt sketches but can’t write, haha. Here’s a marigold flower– they symbolize creativity, the loss of a loved one, and other sacred meanings in specific cultures, such as sacrificial use in cultures such as the Aztec and Hindu.)

I hate writer’s block!!!!!!!

Okay, sure this blog is about my everyday thoughts, but sometimes writing them out is difficult. Sometimes, the neat thoughts in my mind are only a sentence long, and can often be too difficult to expand on. Or, some of my thoughts are just too hard to actually fathom and string into words. Other thoughts are sometimes very personal, and the cyber-world doesn’t need to know them.

I remember as a kid I loved reading and writing stories. I’d even make little “books” and write in them (I would fold paper to make a “cover” and glue smaller, multiple papers inside and write in them, then draw a cover). I’d always start some story, get halfway through it, and then stop writing because of major writers block. Or, since I was a kid, I’d just start doing other stuff, get distracted, and forget about the story I was writing in the first place. Not much has changed as an 18-year-old amateur blogger. I’ll start writing posts, get through at least a hundred words, and then bam! A brick wall in my writing capabilities. Or, I’d finish writing a draft, reread it, and have no feeling towards it. I refuse to post stuff that I don’t have any feeling towards, because through my writing, you can probably tell that there’s no emotion through it. What’s the point of reading something if there’s no passion or emotion written behind it, you know?

Oh and titles. I literally hate doing titles. You always want something clever and witty, something to catch the reader’s attention, but honestly that can take time. Sometimes, the title is what starts the writing, but other times, it’s likely what ends your writing, at least for me. My English professor insisted on having clever titles for all our papers, and especially the research paper, but I’m pretty sure I spent a good half an hour trying to think up a title that was both intriguing and witty about the controversy on artificial intelligence. I don’t even remember what the title was, so it clearly wasn’t good enough if it didn’t linger with me.

So, having writers block on my own thoughts is a little funny. I can think up all of the material, but can barely get any of it down. I feel that as time goes on, it’ll get a little better. But I’m still new. Curses to you writer’s block, even though my writer’s block gave me this post’s content. Irony, such irony.
Cheers, have a great day ya’ll 🙂 (and I hope you don’t get writer’s block!)

Here’s a site on the meaning of marigold flowers:


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