Vorfreude for the Summer

Vorfreude (German): for • froy • duh
Noun; the joyful, intense anticipation that comes from imagining future pleasures.

IMG_3873.JPG(A random potted tree sketch I did during the weekend; maybe it’s a cherry blossom tree? I don’t really know.)

As the last week of classes starts, I’m actually kind of sad. I really do love university. I love learning, and just the campus itself. Having to go out to work in Manitoba for four months honestly sucks so much. Upside: I get to spend as much time with my boyfriend. Downside: I’m in Manitoba. You win some, you lose some.

But already, I’m so excited for next year. I’m so ecstatic to go full force into arts courses, focusing all my energy into things I love, and of course, more sketching. I can’t wait to start taking more history courses, and all the future events and things to join next year. I felt still so confined and shy this year, and I’m hoping to open up more during my time at UBC. Join more clubs, and try to tick more things off my own bucket list, at least, I hope I can.

With the essence of summer rapidly approaching, I can’t help but be excited for that too. There’s just something about the future and all the things yet to come. This summer, I know I’ll be doing and learning new things, living in a different place for the next four months, and being with family for a while too. Thinking about it now, I guess learning how to bartend is pretty exciting, and also something great to tell people at parties. You know, show some bartending tricks. I don’t know about you, but I think that could be a great way to make friends. I could also be totally wrong.

And art! I have so many sketch ideas, even painting ideas all ready to burst from my hands and mind. I’m thrilled to start getting truly back into sketching, and soon, I’ll have more time (and space!) to start doing other possible works. I love doing artworks that take a long time to accomplish. More effort is put into it, and can be reflected. Sure, smashing a couple mediums together, or splattering paint across a canvas (although, Jackson Pollock’s art often took weeks, as he did spend good time on his work) can be quick and easy, even show effort. However, sometimes, the art that takes the longest really shows commitment and concentration. I have four months of full time work, but there’s always spaces in between, so who knows what might be created!

I hope you’re just as excited for your foreseeable future, even if you have absolutely no direction with it. You can always make plans now, or live impulsively, going with the flow and approaching the future opportunities as they come to you. With a happy mindset, and a full-force attitude, it’s likely bound to be great. Hopefully, this summer of 2017 is memorable for all of us! Have a great day 🙂


Here’s a site about the abstract artist, Jackson Pollock, if you’re interested in tidbits of his life. It debunks a few myths, ones started from his biographical movie, and tells you some interesting facts about the late artist:


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