People and Duende

Duende (Spanish): doo • en • deyz
Noun; the feeling of profound awe experienced when viewing a piece of art, watching a performance, or listening to music that has deeply moved a person.

IMG_3852.JPG(A carnation flower– they express love, fascination, and distinction)

Do you ever meet someone and inside, you’re awestruck. It’s as if you saw someone leap off the group and fly to the moon. You just meet someone and suddenly, you’re looking at a masterpiece; sure, they’re not a Rembrandt or a work of Raphael, not even a Gentileschi, but there’s something about them that leaves you aghast, awestruck in the most beautiful way?

It doesn’t have to be romantically, this can apply platonically as well. Meeting someone, and as soon as you or they leave, you just go “Wow!!!” inside your mind. Deep inside, you feel like your life as been slightly impacted by them, maybe by their actual presence, or merely by the words they had said to you in the time being. You know already that they will linger, and it may take a while for you to forget about them.

I remember in grade nine I had that with my boyfriend (who I’m still dating); we didn’t have some deep, earth-altering conversation in our social studies class. We just talked about who we were, where we were from, and threw a couple jokes back and forth. And now, I can’t imagine my life without his impact; he’s helped to make me grow into the person I am today, and is my constant support in life. You truly never know what one conversation with someone may end up being in the future, and I think that’s the best part about meeting people.

I love how much people can surprise you, and it quite awful that we live in a society that often judges and labels a person before ever talking to them. I know people that hate someone, yet they’ve never spoken to them. How can someone hate another without ever speaking to them, or at least having a few conversations with them? By judging someone and automatically labelling them some sort of category (ie. “basic,” “just some sorority girl,” “just another frat guy,” “some stuck up person”) you may miss out on the things that do truly make them different from the rest. Just because the person may dress alike to a group of people, or to a specific style, doesn’t mean that they have the same mind, the same cognition. I may dress like a “basic” girl, even listen to the same music, but do you think every “basic” girl is a history-buff who has loved all things vintage and retro since she was 6 years old (I still have yet to own a One-Step Polaroid, a vintage typewriter, or a vintage globe), and also likes to help build rocket components in her spare time? It’s not impossible, but it’s pretty unlikely.

Always keep an open mind, especially when meeting new people. You never know who will give you that “Wow,” awestruck feeling. For all we know, you’re the person that has given somebody that feeling of duende recently, expanding their minds and deeply moving them. Have a great day 🙂

PS: I know that duende is towards things of art, but art is subjective. People are a form of art on their own, so I feel that it could still work, based on one’s views.)


Would you like to know more about carnations? Here are a few sources:


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