Si Vis Amari Ama

Si Vis Amari Ama; si • vis • a • ma • ri • am • a
Phrase; “If you want to be loved, love.

IMG_3841.JPG(A flower sketch I’ve done)

This week I had done route patrol for UBC’s tradition, Storm the Wall. Despite having to clock in 5 1/2 hours of standing in the cold rain, I actually didn’t mind doing it. What I did mind though, was how inconsiderate people can be. The weather doesn’t help, but is that truly an excuse to be a rude person? No.

Here’s an example: on my first shift, I had to hold a stop sign and assert (politely) that a route was closed, and people would have to find an alternate path to their destination (the area is a shortcut to the pool and bus loop). The route was closed due to the sprinters running by from time to time. Throughout my entire shift, I had a person curse and yell at me, a biker almost run me over and insist that they have to go through, people trying to run past me, and someone kept walking, even after I started chasing after them. At my second shift, I was posted to a different area to patrol, but I could still see my previous patrolling area; I watched as someone pushed the volunteers that were patrolling, and even bulldozed through them and ran onto the track.

Is it truly necessary to be so obnoxious? Does one feel better when they yell at a volunteer or paid worker just doing the job they were told to do? I understand if someone is having a bad day and regrettably bites back, but no apologies were made from unexpected anger. Instead, people griped and moaned about how annoying it was, and how terrible it was, believing they were entitled to just continue on, even after being told politely that the route was closed. One even yelled in disbelief that this was for a safety reason, yelling that it was the stupidest thing he had heard all day. I was so befuddled; we didn’t want anyone getting hurt during the race, one that was just for fun, so why would you want to risk that, when there was another route that took you straight to the buses.

It’s so upsetting how much hatred and anger there is in the world. Current events don’t help either; the world is full of unjust, violence, and anger. Looking around us, and at the news plastered in our faces everyday, it’s understandable why it’s so difficult to not be angry. But lashing out on volunteers, on people just doing their job, that’s a whole other thing that shouldn’t ever be tolerated. Each of us want some form of love, even if it’s just a small part of us that do. But by throwing insults and anger towards each one another, how do you expect love in return? We can only love one another when love can be given, not hatred. It’s naive to think of such, knowing that there’s so much injustice and issues around the globe, but slowly, ever so slowly, things can change. At least, I hope so.

Give a little love to someone today, tell them to have a nice day, compliment them. Don’t be that person that yells at their waiter because your order was messed up; their day was probably as exhausting as yours. Be the person that spreads cheer and graciousness, not hatred. It goes a long way. Have a good day 🙂

(PS: my route patrol wasn’t full of only rude people; I had people thank me for standing out in the rain, wished for me to be in a warmer place, and even one person appreciated me stopping them (they were on a bike) before anything bad could happen. They give some hope)


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