Frolicsome Events

Frolicsome: frol • ic • some
Adjective; lively and playful.
I love the little things in life. Sure, the big things in life are important too, but our lives are made up of more little things that add up over time, so they’re just as important. I feel like the little things in life aren’t always appreciated, taken for granted. It’s hard not to, as they can happen everyday, all the time, but it’s always nice to reflect the little things in our lives.

It’s little kisses on the forehead from your loved one. Little things like new, soft socks, that cute outfit that makes you feel like a supermodel, trying a new drink or sandwich at a café you’ve been wanting to try. Your favourite song blasting on the radio in the car. Car rides in the sunset. Polaroid pictures of nature or of adorable smiles. Dew on the grass. Watching an old Disney movie you loved as a kid. Getting a good mark on a paper/assignment you actually enjoyed writing. The way watercolour paint blends together. A cool history lesson you never expected. Learning about a new aspect of a culture you never knew about. A book with an unexpected plot twist. Climbing a tree, and then seeing the view from the heights. Winning a prize at a carnival. Waterfalls, tropical ones, or even the ones off the side of cliffs on the highways in Canada. Going to the movie theatre and getting a large bag of popcorn, with extra extra butter no less. Singing at the top of your lungs with good company, or even solo in your underwear. When your make up turns out exactly how you wanted it too. Sketching freely. Puppies, and having one lick your face. Snuggling a kitten. Old-fashioned libraries stored with tons and tons of books. Hitting a home-run, shooting a three-pointer, or finally getting a hit over the net. Going for a run (and not dying). The lights that brighten downtown, illuminating it during a rainy night. Blurry photos from an even blurrier night. Drunk jokes that you barely remember the next hour, much less the next day. The blossoming of new flowers. Being given flowers, for special occasions or for the hell of it. Listening to an album and liking nearly all the songs. Dancing the night away. Sushi dates. Movie dates. Boardgames with the family. Baking something that turns out to be delicious. Writing on a blog. Reading about history. Finding a building that leaves you awestruck. An artwork that lingers in your mind, even weeks after you saw it. Holding hands with the people you love. Hugs, lots and lots of hugs.

There’s just so many things, seemingly so small, that accumulate and mean so much in our lives. To not have them in our lives would take away so many soul-warming things that keep people going. All events in our lives matter, rather they are big, or small.

IMG_3832.JPG(Since I mentioned watercolour paint above, here’s one I did. I don’t actually like water colour painting but it’s always nice to try different mediums)


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