Eleutheromania of the Mind

Eleutheromania: e • leu • the • ro • man • ia
Noun; an intense and irresistible desire for freedom.

IMG_3831.JPG(A peony sketch I’ve done)

There’s just something unexplainable about sketching. It’s quick, uncanny, imperfect, even a bit disorganized. It’s strange, as someone who is fairly finicky and slight perfectionist tendencies, that I enjoy sketching so much. I always believe that you can see more of the artist and their personality through their sketches than other works. For painters and sculptors, you’re seeing the beginnings of a masterpiece. Sometimes, the sketch itself is the masterpiece for some artists. Sometimes sketching is just for practice, and those are just as beautiful as infamous works of art.

I don’t know about you, but practicing art freely genuinely makes me happy; it makes me feel free. My mind is full of clutter, overanalyzing and overthinking every single thing. From scripting and rehearsing every conversation I ever have in my mind, to planning things from nearly every hour to the next couple of months, my mind likes to keep busy. Sometimes, it’s absolutely terrible– it doesn’t shut up. I end up living in my head, and sometimes forgetting to be aware outside of my mind. It’s not always a terrible thing, but sometimes my thoughts have made it difficult to make friends and get out of my comfort zone. It’s often left me somewhat isolated from my peers, not being able to relate very easily to the people around me (I was that weird kid, but, like, in a subtle way. I didn’t eat glue or anything).

That’s where art comes in; it gave me a break from my endless thoughts that never seemed to go away. I was less constricted to my own agenda, and could finally feel a sense of freeing. Freeing your mind, your soul, is such a beautiful feeling. I believe every person should find something that makes them feel free and pursue it as much as possible. Always try to free your soul and mind everyday, the results may surprise you, and surprises are always exciting 🙂 have a great day!!


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