Dauwtrappen In The Morning

Dauwtrappen (Dutch): dauw • trap• pen
Noun; to go for an early walk at dawn.


There’s something about morning walks. Whether it’s a carefree stroll or a walk through the wet grass in order to reach class, there’s this distinct feeling that the morning air has.

As much as I’m not a morning person (I really hate getting out of bed anytime before 8AM, sometimes even 9AM), I can’t help but enjoy walking in the morning to any of my classes. Especially the morning after rain, where the grass is a little wet, the air is a bit crisper. The feeling is so refreshing, and it gives you this idea that anything can happen on that day. In the winter, the mornings are more frigid, and of course darker, not giving off the same hopefulness as the spring and summer.

I don’t know about you, but mornings–no matter how late– give me this determination that anything can happen. As I was walking through the wet grass and damp sidewalks, I felt great, and determined, ready to take on my last midterm for a course. The air was cool, but it wasn’t terribly cold, and having just a hoodie on felt nice. Springtime is definitely a time to feel better about yourself, and hopefully become more optimistic.

Being more of an optimist was my main goal at the start of the year. At first, I found that optimism was difficult to maintain, especially when I had started university. The weather was freezing (after living in Winnipeg, I detest winter and snow with every fibre of my body) and at the time I was in engineering,  despising every second of it. I felt like I was complaining every second of every day. However, after transferring to arts, the warming weather, finding my way back to sketching, complaining and venting less, I find that optimism comes much more easily; do the things you love, and encourage others to do the activities they love. The atmosphere around you becomes lively, and the people a part of it help to make it more enjoyable. Embrace the good things about life, because there’s already so much chaos and injustice (which should be fought for no matter what) in our world today. Compliment, not complain.

I hope when you went out for a walk this morning, you were blanketed with warmth and a sense of optimism; spread it with the people around you today, and all the other days 🙂

FullSizeRender 3.jpg(here are some lazily sketched flowers I did during art history)


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