Rejuvenation of Venorexia

Venorexia: ven • or • ex • ia
Noun; a romantic mood inspired by spring.

IMG_3818.jpg(my two little succulents lovin’ the sun)

There’s just something about spring that makes the world a little more hopeful, a little more romantic and lovely; the blooming of flowers, more smiles, pretty spring floral dresses, the days getting longer, and being able to feel summer approaching soon.

Luckily for Vancouver, the first day of spring was sunny and warm, making the UBC Vancouver campus look dazzlingly and shiny; the ocean was blue, the ice-capped mountains shining under the blue sky. The scene was so picturesque, it’s hard to ever complain about this school, given all it’s beauty.

It’s sort of comical how spring comes to be, astronomically; it’s the March equinox, so the amount of daylight is nearly equal to the amount of nighttime. It seems so dull, and yet when we go outside, the flowers are starting to bloom, and the birds are loudly chirping since the crack of dawn (which isn’t the best alarm, just saying). Everyone is a little brighter, maybe even a little more happier, despite the fact that final exams are just around the corner.

I woke up this morning with a sense of joy and hope, and I didn’t really know why, but maybe it was the sunlight hitting my window with no warnings of rain ahead. Maybe it was how bright and happy everything looked, how warm it was compared to a couple weeks ago, when I was wearing layers and layers. I guess there’s also something about wearing a dress that gives you a more freeing feeling, and helps to make you look and feel pretty all day, which I think everyone deserves to experience. I felt a bit rejuvenated, even though nothing drastic had occurred to me today– but you don’t need some tragedy or blinding event to find yourself feeling rejuvenated.

My favourite season’s fall (or autumn, if you’re not a North American), but there’s just something about the aura and feeling of spring, and the new things to come; the new flowers in bloom, the things to come after the winter session of university ends. My thoughts (and hopefully yours!) just seem happier, and hopeful, and I hope that wherever you are, the first day of spring was just as hopeful and lovely for you.

IMG_3820.jpg(It was starting to cloud over when I was on my way to class, but I still wanted a snapshot)


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