Pluviophile in a Downpour

Pluviophile: plu • vi • o • phi • le
Noun; a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days.

Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head (or, window). . . .
(amateur photo of the raindrops on my window)

You haven’t truly experienced Vancouver until it starts to downpour and you forget your umbrella. It’s as if you betrayed yourself. I was thinking about this as I ran downtown to catch a bus back to my dorm, in a jean jacket. Without a hood or umbrella. In pouring rain. Not my brightest moment.

Really though, considering how much rain Vancouver does receive (168/365 days, on average), you truly haven’t experienced the eccentric city unless you’ve been out and about in the rain. There’s nothing like sprinting across Granville and Smithe in the downpour trying to catch a bus, or weaving through groups of people to get under any sort of canopy that you can find. I have to admit that I love the rain.

In Winnipeg, rain is actually terrible. If it rains anytime in the spring, it’ll likely go back down to freezing and the city becomes an ice rink where nobody wants to play hockey. It’s absolute hell (especially on the highways, where they can often get shut down).  Rain in Winnipeg is detested, even though it’s not very common. But in Vancouver, the people seem to thrive in the rain. While Winnipeggers thrive off the power of -40 ºC, Vancouverites power through the rain as if the precipitation was part of them. I feel most at home in the rain– I’m very much a pluviophile –so it’s no surprise that Vancouver was quick to becoming my home. Something about raindrops pitter-pattering on the window just gets to me, you know? Well, that and I cannot stand anything below -5 ºC, so Winnipeg was just a new form of hell to me.

Despite my love of rain, I wish I did remember my umbrella, since a wet denim jacket isn’t great. I hope you remember your umbrella too.

have a good day ya’ll 🙂

Wanna see how much rain BC gets? Here’s the source I used to find out:




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