A Scintillating Holi Festival

Scintillating: scin • til • lat • ing
Adjective; sparkling or shining brightly.

Holi, an ancient festival with its roots in India, is a festival of colours to help embrace love, equality, good harvest, and even the arrive of spring. Holi is a festival to forgive and forget, and create an atmosphere of love and warmth. Holi arrives after the ‘amanta,’ or the new moon, signifying a time of celebration (although in the past, it was celebrated after ‘purnimanta,’ the full moon! Holi was a special rite done by married women to celebrate happiness and family well-being while worshipping the full moon). The festival is embellished in colours, and everywhere you go, each person is covered with vibrant paint of various colours, from pinks to yellows and blues and greens. It’s a peaceful, and vibrant festival that every person should go to; it’s for all ages too!


UBC held one on Saturday, and not having ever seen or heard of Holi in Winnipeg, I was all for it. I’m so glad I went– it was a blast, even though I think I ate a good amount of paint. But still. The music was bumping, incredibly loud and fun, and cultural– they played mainly Hindi music and man, they know how to party! Then suddenly, you’re dancing with like, thirty people you never knew existed. I found that Holi is a great way to connect with people, even if it’s just for that one day.

IMG_3785.jpg(This guy [unicorn] was going hard the entire time in that mask, it was great)

I had even gone alone too; I don’t have many friends already, and the ones I do have are mostly people who commute a good while to get to campus, so asking them to come here on a busy Saturday seemed unreasonable. This experience had me thinking that being alone isn’t terrible at all. Being alone and feeling alone are two totally different things, at least in my perspective. Being alone gives you time to reflect who you are, and you can even find yourself doing things you never knew you could do; it was so weird, yet awesome to be out of my comfort zone for a little bit, even if it is dancing with a lot of paint on your face (and in your mouth!).

If you’re thinking about not doing something because “you’ll be alone and it’ll be awkward,” well guess what? It’s going to be awkward for the first ten minutes. Then you’ll remember why you’re there– don’t leave early, try and do what you thought was that cool thing you came there in the first place. Go to the movies alone. Drive somewhere you’ve wanted to go to in your city alone. You’ll learn more about yourself that way, and you’ll see some pretty cool results.

But above all– don’t get paint in your mouth. Not only does it taste bad, you’ll be stuck in the bathroom for a good ten minutes trying to scrape it off your teeth and gums. Orange is not the best look for teeth, trust me.


Have a great day, and if there’s a Holi festival near you, go, go, go!

Is the history of the Holi festival interesting to you, as it was for me? Here’s a source I used:


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